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What are the responsibilities of a Building Coordinator (BC)?
The Building Coordinator is an appointed person in a building or building group responsible for coordinating maintenance requests and activities within that building or building group. In an emergency situation, (fire, gas leak, utility outage, etc.), the Building Coordinator will be the single point of contact between Facility Services and the building or building group.

Refer to PS-49 for additional details.
How do you appoint/change a Building Coordinator (BC)?
Building Coordinators are appointed for terms of at least one year by the Vice-Chancellor, Dean, Executive Director or most senior academic or administrative office domiciled in a building or bu ilding group. The Chief Facility Officer, specifically the Executive Director of Facility Services, is responsible for maintaining the list of Coordinators. Memos of appointment should be directed to this Office.

Contact: Erin McKowen - 578-5580 -

Alternately, fill out the web form and submit your request.
Who can receive email notifications about outages?
Almost any LSU staff member, system administrator, researcher can receive such notifications. Contact Executive Director's office with information about requester and the facilities.
  • LSU ID (89 number, if LSU employee)
  • Name
  • Email
  • Location - Bldg, Office Room
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How do I request keys?
Complete the Key Request Form and submit it in FAMIS as a work order.
How do I return keys?
Please complete the Key Return Form and bring it to Facility Services along with the keys.